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'Reverie' by Boris Edwards

'Reverie' by Boris Edwards (1861-1924)

 As summer is over, we ponder on the great experiences we have garnered and daydream about future times of relaxation.

 A bronze sculpture in the MUŻA collection represents a female figure lounging on a padded chair. She appears to be laid back and oblivious to everything happening around her. She seems very serene with her right leg crossed over her left, her right arm hanging loosely by the side of the chair and her left hand resting on her lap. Her head is slightly inclined upwards and towards the left, resting on the cushioned back of the chair. This reflects clearly the meaning of the sculpture’s title 'Reverie', which means a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts. Art historian, Dr Christian Attard, attributes the sitter to Mary Vella, Gianni Vella's wife, who had hosted Edwards and his daughter.

 The sculpture had sporadic small spots of active corrosion and superficial dust, which absorbs moisture. Its conservation treatment consisted of surface cleaning, the reduction of active corrosion and application of protective coatings. The sculpture’s elegance was brought back to life. 




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