Heritage Malta

Heritage Malta

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Logo of Heritage Malta

Heritage Malta is the national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage. Created by the Cultural Heritage Act which was enacted in 2002, the national agency replaced the former Museums Department.
Initially Heritage Malta was entrusted with the management of museums, sites and their collections. However in 2005, the agency’s responsibilities increased when it took over the former Malta Centre for Restoration to become the national agency responsible for conservation.

The mission of Heritage Malta is to ensure that those elements of cultural heritage entrusted to it are protected and made accessible to the public. The agency also operates a conservation division for the training of conservators and conservation scientists.  Heritage Malta seeks to provide its various audiences with an enhanced experience during visits to the various sites and museums. Cultural heritage can act as a catalyst for Malta’s tourism potential and consequently contribute significantly to the economy.

The agency has a specific educational section with special educational programmes targeting children of different age groups as part of organised school visits. These programmes are based on the local educational curriculum and address specific areas of study in an edutainment approach.

Heritage Malta is also committed to bring culture closer to the people through facilitating interpretation and accessibility, both physical and intellectual. Whether through temporary exhibitions, public lectures, heritage trails or other specialised events, the agency ensures that it lives up to the motto of ensuring a future to our past.



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