Question 1: How do I search for venues?

There are three main search features within SPOT


 1. You can use the quick search within the website's top banner to search for a particular venue name or part of its name.
 2. Alternatively you can use either the category filtering map

    • You do this by first adding or subtracting the required categories and sub categories
    • Then press the search button to update the map with the filtered categories you have chosen
    • If there are many venues conventrated in one georgraphical area, these will be grouped together and their count is shown
    • Next zoom in on the geographical area that interests you, so venues can be displated individually
    • Clicking the individual venue tags, will display an information bubble with further details about the chosen venue.

 3. Under the [Locations] menu, you can also access the [Advanced Search].  This allows you to submit a range of criteria so as to precisely match the venues you are looking for.

    • If you select an [Area] criterion from within the advanced search page, you shall also be prompted to enter the venue district/location if you wish to.
    • Once you press the [Search] button, search results will be displayed wihtin the same page to the right hand side of the search form.
    • The total number of search results is shown in brackets, next the the [Results] heading.
    • Search results will be displayed across a number of pages.  You can browse search result pages using the page navigation buttons which appear right below the search result..


Question 2: Can I submit reviews? How?
  1. Only registered users are allowed to submit reviews. 
  2. In order to submit a review, search and load the listing an existing venue within SPOT. 
  3. Once there, press the [Add Review] button under the [Options] section.   This will  bring up a review form specific to the venue you have selected.
  4. The review form, lets you enter details about service quality and lists a number of questions relating to different kinds of access.  The list of accessibility questions shown to you, will depend on the type of disability icon/s you have selected.  By default, the selected disability icons will match those defined within your user account profile.  However for each review, you can always switch these before starting to answer the questions and submitting a review,
  5. You may only post one review per venue.  If you enter a new review for a specific venue, this will replace your old review.  This ensures that the most up to date and relevant information is made available.
  6. Comments are moderated and you will receive automatic email notifications informing you when your review is processed.
Question 3: Can I add a new venue? How?
  1. Only registered users are allowed to add a new venue.
  2. Before submitting a new venue, please make sure that venues do not already exist within SPOT under a different name.
  3. You can add a new venue from the [Add Location] option under [Location] menu from the SPOT website's top horizontal menu
  4. The venue creation page is meant to let fellow SPOT users learn about a venue and inform them about any particular features and arrangements for accessibility.  If you wish to comment on a venue's accessibility, you should do so by submitting a review where you can add ratings, comment and also attach photos sharing your experience.
  5. On the first page of the Add Location Form, you should add all the details about the venue, including its place on the map, contact details etc.  and describe it to the best of your ability. 
  6. Once you submit the first page, the second page will load.  On this page you can also add the information in Maltese and add relevant photos of the venue.  These photos should be of good quality comparable to those already within SPOT.  A maximum of five photos is allowed.
  7. Venue creation is moderated.  You will receive automatic email notifications informing you of the progress of this process.
Question 4: I am the owner of a venue, how can I take control and manage the information given about it?
  1. Only registered users can claim ownership of a venue.
  2. Legitimate owners can claim ownership of a venue within SPOT, from the respective venue listing page.  They can do so by pressing the [Claim Location] button, under the [Options] section.  One can also use the Claim Location page.
  3. FITA will contact the user in order to establish whether he or she can qualify as the owner of a venue listing.
  4. Besides being able to maintain the venue listing, venue owners also receive automatic notifications about review comments and are informed of client queries specific to their venue listing on SPOT .
  5. Venue owners are fully and solely responsible for the information contained within their venue listing.  This does not preclude the SPOT project from taking any steps necessary to ensure venue listings are in line with the project's remit.
Question 5: I wish to submit an article about accessibility for inclusion within the BLOG section.  How can I do that?

Articles about new or improved accessibility of venues and services are to be submitted via email at info@fitmalta.eu

Together with the article, please also provide good quality images of the venue and relevant organisation/s where applicable.


 Question 6:  I have a complaint about the accessibility of a particular venue.  Who should I inform?

SPOT is about sharing information about the accessibility of venues. Registered users can do this by rating and adding reviews. It is not meant to tackle formal complaints about lack of accessibility.


If you have an enquiry about the accessibility of a venue, you may wish to ask the venue owner directly.  You may do so by pressing the [Ask A Question About This Venue] button on the respective venue's listing, or by using the venue contact details listed on said page.


If you wish to make a formal complaint about the accessibility of a venue, you may do so by contacting the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability at helpdesk@crpd.org.mt


Question 7: I think the details about a particular venue are incorrect.  Who should I inform?

Althought we do our best in order to ensure that all the data submitted to SPOT is correct, we also rely on users like you in order to make sure the data is up to date.  You can submit your query by using the contact us form on the SPOT website

If you are the legitimate owner of a specific venue, you may also claim ownership of the venue listing, so you can make sure the information is up to date at all times.




Listing are free and can promote your efforts to make your venue accessible to all.