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About SPOT

SPOT lists venues in the Maltese Islands and lets you rate them by service and accessibility

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About Spot

SPOT - Voice your experience. Help make it better

SPOT is a new and powerful tool for customer satisfaction measurement. The small and big efforts which go into ensuring greater access for persons with disability sometimes go unnoticed or are not promoted.  SPOT aims to change that.  We help the public (that also means you) by enabling the sharing of service experiences based on real-time and highly informative feedback collection. SPOT focuses on service quality and accessibility.  This and more, makes SPOT an important tool you will come to again and again, when planning outings around Malta and Gozo.


Our ratings and questions

The SPOT  website and APP provide both an overview and all necessary details of your real-time feedback in a visual form. 
SPOT ratings fit any venue and service where customer and employee satisfaction is valued. It doesn’t matter whether you are reviewing or rating a parking area, super market, restaurant or natural park.  The goals is to report on the quality of service and level of accessibility.  It also does not matter whether you have a disability yourself or not.  As long as you wish to help and contribute your opinion, the questions specific to the disability group/s you select will guide you.  


The steps


Creating better experiences with SPOT is very easy and contains basically three simple steps:


  1. Browse and search for information freely
  2. You wish to add your experience or add to the reviews? Sign up for SPOT
  3. Add the venue or review, including photos if you wish


Done.  Your review will appear in no time. 


But what about the dog?


SPOT is also the name of the mascot chosen to help guide users around the website.  Together, we will learn  more about SPOT the dog, as more people add their contribution to the SPOT website.  It will be there to help and guide us in learning more about accessibility across the Maltese islands.


Get on board

If you want to sign up and start adding information or should you have any questions, our feedback specialists are ready to help you!


Register today.  The SPOT App for Android and IOS is scheduled to be released in the coming months.




Listing are free and can promote your efforts to make your venue accessible to all.